Advantages of Binaural Beats How to Control Your Mind

October 24, 2020 | Author: | Posted in Genealogy
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“This is a brand new idea that’s 2,500 years old,” jokes Richard Gevirtz, a psychologist, biofeedback expert and adviser to technology companies, including Unyte. “Clinically, we’ve seen if you [do this for] 10 minutes a day, you have some powerful changes in your body over the course of six weeks,” Gevirtz says. When you inhale for about four seconds and exhale for six, you can change your heart rate and improve your mental and physical state, his research has found.

iStock ImageAll great writers and poets are able to achieve this state, in which a sea of creative abstractions relating to the area of contemplation are formalised into concrete thought. The process of brain wave entrainment can be used to focus the mind single-pointedly at the task at hand, so that the analytic and creative faculties of the mind can operate at full flow.

In the altered state that is induced by the binaural beat or isochronic tone, the mind is rooted firmly in the present, or ”in the zone”.

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They wondered why the brain contained receptors for the poppy plant, and eventually found out that the brain produces neurochemicals more potent than morphine. Endorphins were first discovered by accident in the 1970s by scientists researching drug addiction.

When both the sounds combine, they have a synchronization effect on the brain, which helps the mind in relaxing and concentrating. Since it is very convenient and easy to use, it has become one of the most preferred meditation techniques for many people.

The waves that are produced by the binaural beats are also classified into various segments depending on the frequency range and on the areas that they are associated to. The two frequencies of binaural beats in both the ears should not have very high difference.
It is ok if the difference is of 10-15 Hertz. For instance, gamma waves are there in the frequency range of >40Hz and are associated with stress and perception, while theta waves are in the range of 4-7 Hz and are associated with deep meditation techniques, dreams and REM sleep.

Apart from these two, there are alpha beats, beta beats as well as delta beats in different frequency ranges and having different functions. The frequency difference should not be more than 40 Hertz in any case.


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