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I think it went rather well actually; I changed gears and everything. Insurers most frequently think about ever-changing on the outside; mistreatment digital for portals and mobile apps – ways in which of up the client expertise for users outside of their workplace – as well as insureds, agents, and brokers. Ways that don’t involve pumping iron or killing yourself on the elliptical. This means you have to have scrap yarn at least two different color yarns in the same weight. I am a two time survivor of cancer. Look below for more books I use all the time. As a scrap project, I use whatever is laying around. This tam’s first name is “Lazy” for a good reason–no particular measuring or gauge is required, and very little stitch counting, yet the recipe will make a custom tam to fit anyone, and it’s all done using scrap yarn. To make a stiff-ish tam out of the Bingo, I worked it tightly–6 stitches to the inch instead of the recommended 4/in. In other words, I treated the Bingo like a DK yarn, working it at the same gauge as the Heilo, then knit the Heilo at its normal gauge to match, as best as possible.


The tam was knit over the course of a year or more. The beige/multi tam is made of Dale Garn Heilo DK, a long-fiber, somewhat scratchy but very hard-wearing yarn–the tam in the illustrations is over 10 years old and gets significant wear every Wisconsin winter. Specifically, this recipe allows for a one-size custom fit, meaning the tam is made for the head of the wearer, regardless of yarn or gauge. As is explained further below, the lazy knitter’s tam recipe depends on the gauge of the band and the bottom stripe being proportional. So, if you choose to combine yarn weights, the heavier one must be used for the hat band and lowest stripe. So, we have to remove the waste yarn, stitch by stitch, to make room for the permanent slip stitch along the same edge. Once you’ve got the fabric folded at the correct column, you want to slip stitch this fold into place, using the waste yarn, as shown in blue, below.

This time, however, we’re not only going to stabilize the folded garment-edge, but also catch the live loops of the facing at the same time, thus binding them off. Round 26. Work in the Front loops. As to how the work proceeds, if you look at the below schematic, you’ll see the 3-in-1 trick in action. The above is only part of a much larger body of scenes depicting the final months of William Marshal’s life, but while incredibly moving, it’s not a downbeat or harrowing piece of work. Wheels and Axles Lesson – This is part 3 of a 6 part hands-on unit on Inventions and Simple Machines. How crazy simple is that? Stiff-ish long-fiber wool yarns like Heilo make quite a structured hat, especially when knit tightly. In real life, you might make a facing a different color than the sweater: a scarlet facing on a plain gray sweater would be a fantastic design element, for example. Another important message I’d like patients to see is how important it is to make healthy changes to your life such as regular exercises and stretching.

I don’t see it on your page. That is one of the things I really like about stuff that was made in the past, the fact that it was really made to last and we see the proof of that in your home and stories. This slip stitching is temporary, and will be replaced in the grand finale–the last step, right after the cut. Last but not least, here are photos of the finished result–a faced steek, with the cut edges forever tucked out of harm’s way. Therefore, the cut is made right up the trough between columns 11 and 12. In other words, don’t cut through the stitches in the columns, but rather, carefully separate the columns of stitches by putting the cut right up the middle. This final seal is created using a crochet hook and a running yarn, creating a line of slip stitch right through the edge column, almost exactly the same way we did previously with the waste yarn.

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