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By Frank van Marwijk

October 13, 2020 | Author: | Posted in MEN'S ISSUES

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The rules as regards applying for jobs have been subject to enormous changes lately. In the past, people preferred a hand-written application letter. It is becoming more and more common these days to find a vacancy on the Internet, and to apply for it via the Internet as well. Quite often it is sufficient to place your C.V. on the web. Because of this, the application procedure often goes quicker, and now you can find yourself invited for a job interview before you know it. You can find information on the Internet about how to apply for jobs. Information can be found about how to write your application letter, the clothes that you should wear and how to carry out the interview itself. The importance of body language is often mentioned, but doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. After all, before a word has even been spoken, your body language will have already given people their first impression of you.
What type of person are you?
By using words you can explain what type of education you have received and what experience you have gained since then. You can also show through words that you know what you’re talking about and you can answer questions to clarify matters. At the same time however, your body language will also give out a lot more information. Based on your body language it can be seen if you come across as insecure or self-assured. It can also show if you are a busy or a quiet type and it helps give an impression of whether you are speaking truthfully or not. Body language can show if you not prone to stress. It can show how enthusiastic you are and if you are a nice person, someone who will take his work serious, but also someone who has a sense of humour and can enjoy a joke from time to time. The members of the application committee will ask you questions, but your answers won’t only be oral. The committee will not only pay attention to what you say, but also to how you say it! Body language will determine first if it ‘clicks’, and sometimes all it takes is just a few seconds. Everybody uses body language , but it takes place mostly at a subconscious level. Through becoming more aware of your own body language , but also through recognising the body language of others, you can definitely increase your chances of getting the job.
Pay attention to time!
It might be a cliché to talk about arriving in time for a job interview , but I think it is still important to bring it to your attention anew. Your attitude or attention to time will also send out non-verbal messages. An interview for a job is seen as a very important appointment, and showing up too late for your appointment is therefore absolutely unacceptable. Missing the bus or getting stuck in a traffic jam are pretty lame excuses. After all, for an important appointment like this you should have taken that into account. It’s much better to arrive way too early than even a little too late! If you are too early for your appointment you don’t have to go in immediately. Sometimes it’s better to walk around a little in the neighbourhood, because waiting for a long time in a hallway or a ‘sweatbox’ will not do your nerves any good. If it is very cold outside, it might be wise to go back inside about ten minutes before your appointment because it can be very unpleasant to have to shake an ice-cold hand.
The first meeting
After you have announced yourself at the reception or to an employee of the company, you will often be asked to take a seat. After a while someone will come to lead you to the interview area. Do not jump up immediately and offer this person a handshake. It’s better to let the other person takes the initiative. Shake hands firmly, but not too powerfully and look straight at the other person. After this you will be introduced to the (other) members of the application committee. During this introduction it is better to walk around the table to shake hands with the committee members, instead of leaning over the table. With each greeting look directly at the other person, and say your name. Except for an internal application, don’t assume that the other people know your name.
Choosing the right seat
After the initial introduction you will usually be directed to take a seat. If you are left to choose a place yourself, choose a place from where you can clearly see all the interview participants, and from where they can also see you. If someone is sitting half behind you, and you can’t really see him, he may not get such a good impression of you because of this.
Tune your body posture
During your job interview try to adopt a posture that shows interest but still comes across as being relaxed. You can do this by sitting up straight in your chair at the beginning of the interview, with your back against the back of the chair. If you slouch or hang sideways in your chair, it might give the impression that you are not that interested in the job. However, sitting on the edge of your chair can come across as being a little tense and might give the impression that you feel uncomfortable.
You can change your body posture a little during the interview. For example, when someone says something it is good to turn a little with your shoulders towards this person and to lean forward a little. This shows an interest in what the other person is saying. You can emphasise this by tilting your head a little. It is also important to pay attention to the posture of your interview partners. In some cases you can achieve mutual tuning by adopting the same posture as the other person.
What to do with your hands?
Just the same as when you are giving a presentation, many people often regard their hands as obstacles during a job interview rather than a useful means of communication. That is why people often ask what to do with their hands. In a difficult situation we are often inclined to fold our arms across our body. This helps to give us a more secure feeling. During a job interview it is better not to do this, because folding your arms can be interpreted as a defensive move. It is better to let your hands lie loosely on your lap or place them on the armrests of your chair. From these positions it’s also easy to support your words with hand gestures.
Movements: a dynamic interview?
Nodding your head while speaking is a good way of supporting your words or adding meaning to them. Hand movements can also help to liven up the interview. The fact that you dare to make movements with your hands during an interview might indicate that you feel at ease quickly. In most cases it is better not to make too many hand movements at the start of the interview but add them slowly throughout the interview. As regards this, pay attention to your interview partners as well: if they use their hands a lot to make things clear, you can definitely do this as well. When they don’t make many movements, it is better if you don’t either. Just the same as with body posture, it is important to tune your movements to those of the other person. Also pay attention to inadvertent movements that you may make sometimes due to nervousness. For example, shuffling with your feet or kicking against the leg of a table can be very irritating for other people. Drumming with your fingers or clicking with a pen also won’t be a great contribution to the interview. So pay attention!
When should you look at whom?
During the job interview it is important to look at all the interview partners to an equal extent. By looking directly at the other person we are giving them a sign of trust. By looking directly at people we are also in control of the conversation. Looking directly at somebody or looking away actually serves as the dots and commas in our spoken sentences. When one of the committee members explains something or poses a question, keep looking at this person for as long as he or she is speaking. This shows that you’re listening. While he is speaking he may also look at the other people, but every time he wants to emphasise something he will look at you again. You can then nod to encourage him to continue talking. At the end of his question, he will keep looking at you and then tilt his head up a little to invite you to give an answer. When you answer a question, you will look first at the person who posed the question, but while you answer you should take turns looking at the other interview partners as well. You should direct yourself again to the person who posed the question when you want to emphasise something and at the end of your answer.
Also pay attention to the body language of your interview partners
Apart from paying attention to your own body language , it is also important to see how your interview partners are behaving. The postures and movements of other people can give you an impression of how you are coming across to them. This can serve as a warning at an early stage that you might be doing something wrong that you are not being aware of. For example, when the committee members are of the opinion that you hold the floor for too long or you annoy them with your interruptions, they will show their irritation at first through their body language When the committee members shake their heads, sigh or fold their arms and lean back, you can take this as a sign of displeasure. Usually it is not yet too late to change this. You see, it also applies to your interview partners that their body language takes place subconsciously. However, don’t wait too long because then their irritation will transfer to their consciousness.
Do not worry too much about tension
Knowledge of body language can help you improve the mutual tuning during the interview. You can use this knowledge to hide your nervousness a little, but actually this is something you shouldn’t worry about too much. Many applicants are nervous during an interview and of course they would much prefer not to let this nervousness show. However, it’s not such a bad thing to be nervous. The committee members will understand this. Your nervousness may even show that you feel this job is important to you. If you weren’t nervous, and therefore sit a little nonchalant, it might indicate that you are not that interested. Also realise that the job interview is more than just a means for the employer to determine which of the candidates is most suitable for the job. The job interview especially is a moment of mutual acquaintance. It’s a first meeting with people that you might soon work together with. Therefore the boss should actually be just as nervous as you!
Frank van Marwijk
Mia Diamond Ruiz
This article was very helpful! It shows a whole new perspective on how to act before and during an interview. How to behave during an interview, hand placement, eye contact, and how to interact with other people. How to relax and be calm before going into the interview. It even helps you choose the right seat to sit in. Next time I have a job interview I will definitely come back to this page.
Katie Tinsley
Katie Tinsley This article informs the general public about how to act and come off presentable when going into an interview. Being on time, looking presentable, and acting attentive are all factors that should be adhered when engaging in a formal meeting. This article states various skills to abide by when dealing with a job interview.
Ciera Childress
I didn’t realize that body language was this important to employers. I never thought of making eye contact while shaking someone’s hand would make that much of a difference. Even when you think you know what to do, the right things to say and the appropriate postures, it’s still a really good idea to read this over just to make sure you really know what to look for and what they’ll be looking for.
Ciera Childress
I didn’t realize that body language was this important to employers. I never thought of making eye contact while shaking someone’s hand would make that much of a difference. Even when you think you know what to do, the right things to say and the appropriate postures, ( it’s still a really good idea to read this over just to make sure you really know what to look for and what they’ll be looking for.
Adam Smith
This article is extremely helpful, I never thought that the way you carried yourself would be a part of the interviewing process. I agree with the idea of showing you are paying attention to the interviewer because I believe it shows respect to them. The most important thing I picked up in this article was that you already have to sell yourself in an interview and stand out from others but you have to look good doing it too. I will use this in my future interviews.
Jack Longenderfer
Yes first impressions are everything. One mistake and it could ruin your chances of getting the job. Body language is important for the interviewer and the interviewee because it tells how comfortable or nervous you can recognize a mistake and say something to counter act the problem in the previous statement.
Marina Leino
This information is very useful when preparing for an interview. For someone who has never been in one, they could read these tips and practice it to make sure that they are more comfortable in the interview. It is easy for people to notice what they do right and do wrong during interviews. This information will help with calming down nerves and after doing multiple interviews hopefully they won’t have any problems with how they act. Body language is a key factor when in an interview.
Katie Eubank
The information in this article was very helpful and informative. This article gave me tips on how to act at a job interview and what to expect. First impressions say a lot about who you are as a person. It explained step by step everything you needed to know and emphasized the importance of body language. This article is beneficial to the people who need to know what to expect and how to react during an interview.
Angie DelCid
This article tells you a lot that would really help you in an interview. I too think that not worrying about the tension helps a person a lot in an interview because if you’re too worried you may not be yourself.
Trevor Scott
This Article was very informative. I think Paying close attention, Sitting up straight and picking the right seat are very important. Doing the necessary things listed in this article will set you up for a great job interview.
McKenzie Smith
This information on body language is so helpful. It is amazing the amount of things and impressions with give with only our body language. This article also helped me to know the signs that an interviewer might be irritated and gave me tips on how to present myself during the interview. It also assured me that being a little nervous is alright. Thanks for all of the information!
Resume on
Our gestures speak much louder than the words uttered by our tongue. Hence our body language is very important during an interview.
Noel Sommers
After reading this article a few times, I realized what I am doing right in interviews and even the little things that I am doing wrong in interviews. Next time that I go into an interview I will be more prepared and be able to show them that I have a great attitude and good body language. This article really possess good techniques that you should use when going in for an interview. Many people do not know these techniques, and I recommend that everyone preparing for an interview go and read this article to understand the basic and even the more complex techniques that you should use to impress the interviewer.
Sandy Luu
This article was very informative and helped me understand importance of body language during an interview. It has very good tips and acknowledged the importance of leaving a good impression. Thank you.
Marissa Carter
This article is very informative on what you need to know going into a job interview. I have already been through an interview and I wish I’d known then what I know now. This article can help anyone that is going into an interview for the first time or even the fifteenth time. Even when you think you know what to do, the right things to say and the appropriate postures, it’s still a really good idea to read this over just to make sure you really know what to look for and what they’ll be looking for.
John Klipp
This is a great article establishing the importance of body language in an interview. I learned a lot about body language, so thank you. I also agree that body language should be discussed more on websites that are designed to help you out, instead of listed as a smaller importance in an interview. I enjoyed reading this article a lot, especially the part about the boss being nervous too since one might be working with him soon.
Tarell Cisneros-Harrison
The information on this article is useful to not only people that may be attending an interview for the first time, but initially for all people who may need a little more perspective on the topic of “What I need to be aware of during a job interview.” This article is informing the people who have the most trouble understanding why they may not be getting the jobs they are trying to acquire, and for the many who are on the path to getting a job for the first time. I believe that this article is beneficial to all who want to get a job in the future because after reading the comments from many other people, it seems that a greater percentage of the commentators have gone to a job interview before and found this the most informative.
anette delgado
This article was very help for the next time I go to another interview. I will know how to understand body language and control my hand movement.
brenda bravo
This article has a lot of information that I had learned in Pharmacy Tech. However this article is very helpful in ways that it shows you how important some gestures and positions may be for the interview. Many people may not even know about all these techniques that are very helpful and also will be make you have a successful interview. Interviews can be massively stressful. Thanks for the advice.
Brandon Chin
This article would be very helpful if the reader was reading about interviewing for the first time. However, as teachers have pushed for students to learn interview etiquette, the majority of the material here is redundant. Despite this, there are some unique pieces like choosing the right seat, what one should do with their hands, and who they should look at when speaking. These 3 issues have never been addressed before, so it is nice that this article answered these questions. Thank you for helping out many potential interviewees with this great article!
Jackson Johnson
This article is a useful tool to help gain more knowledge on the interview process. Many articles give advice on how to dress and how to act but this article focuses more on the little things. Those little things can often mean the difference between getting a job or being overlooked The article states that it is okay to be a littler nervous because usually the interviewer or committee is also nervous. The main point that a drew from this article is that you need to act natural and stay calm. You should always act as though the persons time is important to you and your behavior should not feel forced but rather natural.
Arindam Gupta
I think this article was very useful to me to help improve my interviewing skills. It really went in-depth with the interview process and what you should with your body in order to successfully show you are a good candidate for the position you are applying for. This article pin points the most crucial parts of an interview and how you should stay calm, relaxed, and be natural so you come off as a calm person. Body language is one of the most important aspects of the interview process and it should always come naturally.
Kelsey Collier
After reading this article, I feel more prepared to go into an interview and have some things to look for when talking to the interviewer. I now know how to tell if they are getting annoyed or “displeasured” by a simple crossing of their arms or sighing. I found it interesting and helpful to remind yourself to not only pay attention to your own body language to impress, but to look at the interviewer’s for a small amount of positive or negative feedback.
Adeja Jackson
This article had stated some of the things I already knew, BUT some of these points were actually surprising! I am definitely going to review these tips before any interview. Also I would like to comment on a couple points that he said, I had no idea hand posture was important. Until now I didn’t even realize that little things like that were in anyway related to having an successful interview. Also including where you sit is an important factor in an interview too? Facts like these will surely change the outcome of interviews to come, and I hope many more will view this article to further their knowledge on the proper interview.
Cagan F
The article offers some really helpful tips that I will definitely keep in mind when I have an interview in the future. I’ve always been told that having a good, firm handshake is necessary to be successful, and this article breaks handshakes down into a science. I didn’t realize that there were so many ways body language can affect an interviewer’s interpretation of a potential employee, such as crossing your arms in an interview which is a sign of a defensive move.
Mirnesa J
I like these tips! I remember when I had a job interview,I was 16, the interviewer noticed that I was a smiley person! She liked how I sat up straight and was confident in my own skin! I definitely got the job and in less than a year I progressed so much. I worked in a Kroger store and within that year I went from just being a cashier to being the floor supervisor. The customers really like seeing a smiling face and they know they will be treated nicely, so body language isn’t just important in the interview part, but in the actual job field as well.
Rathana Lak
These Tips were very helpful. words can help but so much but body language could be the key of making or breaking your chances of getting your desired job. Making eye contact is crucial it connects yourself to your interviewer. if you look away they might think you wont care about the job as much and move on to the next person. other gestures can happen but try to refrain from using it too much or else your interviewer might think you’re lost or something else.
Nischal Singh
This articles focuses on the the importance of leaving a good first impression. It also touches on the most crucial ways to leave a first impresson such as being relaxed, calm, and collected. Important parts about giving a positive impression via body language include nodding of the head and looking into the eyes.
Anna M
This article really helped me see that there is a lot more to an interview than you really think. I recently went for my first interview and it did not go very well because i did not really know what you are supposed to do for an interview. This article will really help me for future interviews and for a successful future.
Weider Alves
First impressions are sometimes all someone needs to have an opinion of who you are. This article focuses on the main points of being a great first impression. It clarifies the main points of what you should do, and how you should prepare for a job interview. It helped me a lot and certainly enlightened me. There is more than just showing up to a job interview, and it focuses a lot on how you present yourself.
Rachel M
This article was very informative. This gives me so much information when I will go to an interview, I’ll be sure to remember them. I had no idea body language was so important.
Brandon Samreth
This interview article really aided me on pursuing a career. By doing this, I will be another step into my long term goal. Every aspect of this article really put me on the right path to better myself. I’m able to get a higher majority of getting a job due to these tips and knowledge. Based on your body language it can be seen as insecure or self-assured, so it is vital that the body language must be used efficiently. In most cases it is better not to make too many hand movements at the start of the interview, but to add them slowly throughout the interview.
Kaliyah Allen
This article has helped me out a lot; I didn’t know half of these good techniques you could use during an interview. I will do more so that they will see that I’m willing and ready for the job! You need to make sure you’re appealing to the boss or whosever interviewing you. I will come off as more professional, expand my choice of words. I will sit properly and ask questions so that I seem involved. I will give eye contact and give my full attention 100%. This has been very useful, thank you!
joshua bowman
this article has helped me a lot. The next time i go to an interview i wont just show up a couple of minutes early, i will show up about 30 minutes early. It is a lot better to be early and pay attention to the time and show you are commited rather than be late and act like you dont care. Also i will remember what to do with my body language. i will remember that it is important to sit properly and make good eye contact and stay focused the whole time.
Sean Boyce
This article helped me so much, i cant believe how well this article is writen and how much more there is to an interview then just answers. Next time Im in a interview i will use so much more eye contact and better posture to better my chances
So much good information about being ready for an interview.
cole wagner
This is a really good article. Also these tips are amazing. I learned so much by reading this article. When I have a interview I will be sure to remember all of these tips.
Kevin McCarthy
I didn’t realize that body language was this important to employers. I never thought of making eye contact while shaking someone’s hand would make that much of a difference. First impressions are very important and we should all be aware of how we act and how we should act during this crucial time. This article definitely changed the way I act the next time I walk into an interview.
Bennett Porter
I have never thought about half of these body language tips during a job interview. It makes sense to let the interviewer lead the way and do the talking. Etiquette could make or break the interview so it is always important to remember you hands placement and eye contact!
Henry Jackson III
These tips were very helpful! I’ll be sure to remember them when preparing for an interview that is coming up. Eye contact is very important, and body language is a HUGE impression on interviewers! Thanks so much for these, all very valid points into having a successful interview.
alex j
I have had many job interviews and I know many people tell me that the etiquette one displays from the second they walk into the job can determine whether they get the job or not. I’ve always known to shake the person’s hand and look them directly in the eyes when you meet them. It shows that you’re there for business and are ready for your interview.
Lee P
This was a great article. I haven’t taken body language into consideration very much, so this was very helpful. I particularly liked the point that when you are being interviewed, you also need to think about the body language of the interviewer to get feedback. I also liked hearing that being a little bit nervous is okay and interviewers expect that.
Christian H
These are some amazing tips! I find the tips about how to manage your body language and what to do when you first meet your interviewers to be very helpful. Knowing these tips also brings me peace and i feel like i can rock my first interview now!
Foster Johnston
Body Language can be either severely noticable, or is not even noticed by the interviewer. the nodding of the head is probably the best way to express body language in an interview or the moving closer to listen in on the interviewer’s question or concern. the normal body motions of many people are not noticable unless you are slinging your arms everywhere trying to express or talk about a particular topic with an interviewer or anyone really. great article.
Sarah Zawedde
I agree with this, first impressions are everything. One small mistake and it could ruin your chances of getting the job. Body language is important as well both for the interviewer and the interviewee because it tells how comfortable or nervous you are and you can tell what the interviewee thinks of the interviewer by looking at them. You can recognize a mistake and say something to redeem yourself. For example if he/she asks for your weakness, you can say “I tend to be a perfectionist but it helps me correct mistakes and do a task to the best of my abilities”
Jenny Davis
These tips were very helpful! I’ll be sure to remember them when preparing for an interview. Eye contact is very important, and body language is a HUGE impression! Thanks so much for these, all very valid points.
Injury Attorney Indiana
Excellent tips. The interview is just as important as your resume, it is very important to make a good impression.
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