When to call an Electrician

October 20, 2020 | Author: | Posted in FAMILY
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When you experience an electric problem like a flickering light – you could be nearly convinced to put on your handy-person hat and attempt to fix the matter yourself. Often that is ok – perhaps it’s a pretty straightforward fix. But lots of electrical issues that appear easy are not. So when do you call an electrician?

Let’s begin with something pretty easy – a circuit breaker tripping. Normally this occurs when you put too many working appliances on the same line. You switch on the microwave and the whole kitchen goes down, for instance. The best way to avoid overloading your system is by portioning out high energy users on different lines, or not running other appliances when you switch on the microwave. This solution , however , is sometimes non permanent. Consistently blowing a fuse indicates you actually need another circuit that will balance out your electric load (and also be more safe too).

So what about lights that flicker? Twinkling lights are fine for Xmas but for everyday lighting it's extremely annoying. The first thing to do is try replacing the light bulb. If it flickers now, or right after being placed in the outlet, then there’s something else at work. If the bulb is in a lamp, try plugging it in elsewhere and see whether the flickering continues. If not, then there’s a problem with your connection and this type of repair should be handled by an approved electrician.

A third problem some householders report is that several appliances die near the same time while the overall lightness/dimness of bulbs across the house is inconsistent. This is definitely territory for a professional as it's got to do with your principal connection. Such a situation damages appliances till it’s fixed.

Dead outlets can be a cause for hiring an electrician. Infrequently an allegedly dead outlet has a switch controller – so definitely explore that chance first. Flawed switches and outlets can also be due to loose wires. If you know how to turn off the electricity and reconnect the loose wires – ok, but otherwise fetch help. Mind you, occasionally a complete group of outlets or switches die at the same time. This demonstrates a horrid connection that needs a pro eye to find and repair [*T].

Truthfully, if you have an electric problem try all of the plain things first (like ensuring the appliance is actually plugged in). Try appliances in alternative outlets to see if the appliance or the outlet is the guilty party. Make notes of your findings as these will help whomever you hire resolve your problem faster, thereby saving money.

Bonner Johnson owns of Bonner Electric, a home electrician in Brevard County with info and footage of work on his website.


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